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How To Be A Weirdo!

   That's right, a weirdo. You will be the one in line at the grocery store with no cereal, boxes of instant pasta meals, candy, cookies, or any prepackaged foods in your cart. The one who makes his order look like nothing on the menus of most restaurants. Believe me, I've been struggling to make waitstaff understand what a lettuce-wrap is for years, and then hoping they can pass my odd descriptions of food preparation on to the cook, and praying it comes to the table halfway resembling what I wanted. Don't worry, I still leave a good tip. 

   Better yet, be the weirdo who prefers to stay home and cook exactly what you want, spend less money on better quality foods, and avoid all the health and nutritional pitfalls that come with eating out. Try asking a server sometime if the cook uses real butter to fry your food in. Have your smartphone ready for "The Confused Look of the Day!" Actually, all the hassle and confusion is why I still tip well. 

   Many of you will be familiar with Dave Ramsey and his most famous saying, "Live like no-one else, so tomorrow you'll be able to live like no-one else." We apply the same principle to health. "Eat like no-one else, and you'll be able to live like no-one else." Everything you put in or on your body will determine your ultimate health outcome. I'd much rather be a healthy 120 year old weirdo than be crippled, sick and dying at 60 because I wanted to be "normal."

   In all reality, what, in nutrition, is considered odd in current times would seem closer to normal to our ancestors. There were no cookies roaming the plains, or boxes of macaroni flying over the treetops to land on a majestic cliff. Most of what we call food these days is really a subtle form of poison that is slowly killing us, one bite at a time. It really is that bad and worse, but there is good news, too. There are ways to correct and reverse most of the damage. If you'd like to learn how, put on your laser helmet, wrap up in your most comfy EM-proof blanket, plop down under your infra-red spectrum lamp and shoot me a line. I'll be happy to take you as deep into the wacky world of health as you want to go. Always remember to Feed Your Chi!

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